Charlie Sheen Goes On Huge Twitter Rant About Kim Kardashian


Kim K

Charlie Sheen hurled a wild barrage of abuse at Kim Kardashian via Twitter last night.

According to TMZ a friend of Charlie’s told him about a 6-year-old girl who worshiped Kim and asked her for her autograph. Charlie says Kim turned the kid down flat, adding, “She cries about it every night before she goes to sleep.”

Not content with letting Kim know her crime, this was when Charlie really dished out the dirty, “You are lucky that ANYONE cares about your gross and giggly [sic] bag of funk you dare call an ass.”

He dared her to compare resumes with him, and then says, “your public loves u. give something back or go f yourself.”

His final shot, “My apologies to your hubby, great guy I’m sure, I hope his vision returns one day.”

Yes, you read that correctly, somebody wrote something favourable about Kanye West. Charlie may have had second thoughts though as it all disappeared from Twitter quicker than the disintegration of a New Year’s resolution.

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