Charlie Hebdo Gunmen Reported To Have Been Shot And Killed



Police have shot and killed the gunmen who attacked Charlie Hebdo magazine. Said and Cherif Kouachi had been on the run since the devastating attack on Wednesday. POlice have now confirmed that the brothers have been killed. A source to AFP says that the Kouachi brothers “came out firing” on security forces.

It is also coming out that several hostages have been freed from another hold up at Kosher supermarket. It appears that the two police operations ran simultaneously. (Scroll to bottom for more on this story)

Events took a fresh turn on Friday morning when the two suspects took a hostage and hijacked a car. A dramatic car chase ensued. French newspaper Le Figaro said that three helicopters were mobilized as the suspects took a hostage in their attempt to make an escape. The brothers then took their hostage and were holed up  in a printing business in Dammartin-en-Goele. The world’s media have been camped outside the printing business all day. Reports began to emerge a short while ago that the French police had launched an assault on the site, with explosions and gunfire being heard.


Helicopters were circling the area.


Police secured the area where the suspects were hiding


Police with sniffer dogs were also deployed

Any hope of a quick resolution once they had the suspects trapped in the factory were ruined by the news of the hostage. The French police surrounded the building and set themselves up for the long haul as they tried to find a solution that meant no more loss of life.

‘Multiple hostages’ in second shooting in Paris at Kosher supermarket. The hostage-taker at the supermarket in eastern Paris is also reported dead by Le Monde newspaper.

Earlier today another hostage situation materialised in Paris. Police confirmed that two people were killed in a hostage situation that is believed to involve at least six hostages, with the alleged hostage-taker also a suspect in the fatal shooting of a police officer on Thursday.

The hostages, said to be a woman, four children and one other, were taken at a kosher supermarket at Porte de Vincennes in eastern Paris.

Latest updates via AFP suggest several hostages have been freed. Unconfirmed reports from Reuters suggest that as many as four hostages may have been killed in the supermarket.

The situation continues to unfold 


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