They Call This The ‘Zoo Of Death.’ And Here’s Exactly Why It Needs To Be Shut Down


WARNING: The animal cruelty you are about to see may disturb you.

There is a zoo in Indonesia that mistreats its animals so terribly, it’s called the Zoo of Death. The Surabaya Zoo is, quite literally, a living nightmare. It is Indonesia’s largest zoo, charging people about $1.00 to enter and view the horrors inside. The animals there lack basic care, nutrition and proper living conditions. You may think calling it a “zoo of death” or “nightmare zoo” is a bit extreme…

Until you see the photos.

An estimated 25 animals die a MONTH from unnatural causes.


The animals there are starving, especially the carnivores.


Many of them have been emaciated for so long, their bodies can no longer absorb nutrition properly.


They sit on cold concrete, wasting away.


Kliwon the giraffe died with a 40lb wad of plastic the size of a beach ball in its stomach.


The animals who don’t starve to death?


They’re typically euthanized due to other health issues.


One look at the creatures living in this zoo is enough to bring a person to tears.


No matter what your stances are on zoos in general, most people will agree that this zoo is an abomination.


And the animals who do die?


They are rumored to have their most valuable body parts sold into the $5 billion per year illegal wildlife trade


There is a Peta petition to stop the deliberate cruelty in the Surabaya Zoo.

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