A Ball Pit For Adults Just Opened In London And People Can't Get Enough Of It


Ball Pit

This one may give you a warm rush of nostalgia. A ball pit has opened in London, offering adults the opportunity to thrash around in a soft play area. Isn’t this just the best idea ever?

It is the brainchild of creative agency Pearlfisher, who will donate £1 to the charity Right to Play for every person that visits. helloU spoke to Pearlfisher and they told us of the deeper meaning being the project. That’s right, it’s not just about adults playing and having a fab time. The ball pit touches on a cultural shift towards understanding the positive power of play. We all know that playing is therapeutic for kids and helps them learn, but Right to Play are showing us that it can have the same impact on adults too.

So if we interpreted this correctly, which obviously we did, they are telling us to give up on adulthood and the idea of becoming mature, and just stick to playing instead. That’s our kind of philosophy.




The ball pit is in West London, and is open until February 13th. It’s free to go but you need to book in advance. Pearlfisher told us that demand has been so high that they are now pretty much fully booked. They are hoping to extend their venture but nothing has been confirmed as yet.

Watch the video below for a sneak peak, if you are wanting to know more visit the official website

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