This 'Art' Looks Like A Mess.....Until You Put A Mirror Next To It


Hungarian artist Istvan Orosz has created paintings that do not seem to make sense at first. But, add a cylindrical mirror and all becomes clear.



Orosz creates artwork that is often beautiful on its own, but when it comes in the realm of the circular mirror, the true form comes to light.



Mountains right?



Maybe not…



This specific painting is believed to be a tribute by Orosz to Odysseus and his great battle with the one eyed Cyclops.



He has an infatuation with the eye, and why not when you can make it look so good.



The ability to reflect a detailed face in a mirror from an intricate artwork of a whole other genre is truly perplexing and hard for us to grasp.



The old two in one



What a wonderful talent he has. 

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