Anonymous Claim Their First Victim In "Operation Charlie Hebdo"



We told you on Friday how hacking group Anonymous had declared war on l-Qaeda and Is after the Paris attacks. Now it appears that they have claimed their first victim.

(Scroll down for video)

The operation has been codenamed #OpCharlieHebdo, and the leader-free hacking group have vowed to take down every  extremist propaganda site.

Over the weekend, the group claimed to have taken down In 2013,  the site was described by French newspapers as a French jihadist website.

According to reports, the site was down for over an hour after Anonymous’ actions, though it is now back up and running. We are not sure on the method used, but their usual approach is a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, which means flooding a website with traffic until it crashes.

“It’s obvious that some people don’t want, in a free world, this sacrosanct right to express in any way one’s opinions. Anonymous has always fought for the freedom of speech, and will never let this right besmirched by obscurantism and mysticism. Expect a massive reaction from us, because this freedom is what we’ve been always fighting for”

Here is the original video in full.

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