9 Things You Should Never Say To A Naked Man



There are two reasons for a man getting naked, to take a shower, or to enjoy some romantic fondling. When it comes to the latter, and sex is on his mind, there are a few things you should never say to him, EVER.

1. “Should we put the heating on?

Why? Does he look cold? You may as well go and punch the poor geezer in his testicles while you’re at it.

2.“Do you love me?”

If the man is naked and expecting sex, we guarantee that he will say he loves you at that exact moment. If you want a truthful answer, ask him when he’s fully clothed. 

3.  “oh”

Mild indifference spilling from your mouth balloons into total disappointment in a man’s mind. That uncomfortable silence is him choking on his ego.

4. *Giggling*

Why are you laughing now? A guy spends a whole night cracking jokes and then you choose to laugh when he’s naked. You see that change in expression? That’s the injection of a complex happening right there.

5. “So this one guy did this thing…”

Sometimes men would rather be ignorant. They know that you had a sex life before them, but there is no need to remind them by painting pictures of yourself with other guys.

6. “Guys normally like it when I…”

Same as above. It just has a bad ring to it. Guys shouldn’t be talking about their past exploits, and the same goes for girls.


7. “Shall we just hang out and chat and cuddle for 20 minutes”

If you wanted to do that, why did you let him get naked. Unless seeing him naked really inspires you to have a good old chat, which is much, much worse.

8.  Why aren’t you hard yet?


Saying that is definitely not going to help the situation.

9. “You should see a doctor about that”

You see a man naked and it makes you think of the doctors. Bang, you hit him right in the chutzpah.

Have you ever said anything to a naked guy that shouldn’t have? Or had anything awful said to you whilst naked?  Post it in a comment below so that we can laugh… Thanks!

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