18 iPhone Tricks That Apple Didn't Tell You About


1. Handing over your phone to a small child? Or even an un-trustworthy friend (The snooping type, we all have one)?

Just enable ‘Guided access’ which will limit their use to one app. And voila, your sexts are safe.


2. Ever wanted to know what planes are flying over you, like, right now? No? well someone did, because if you ask Siri, he knows…


3. You can create your own custom Vibrations for ringtones. It’s not quite the old Nokia ringtone maker, but it’s a step in the right direction. Open Settings, head into ‘sounds’, ‘ringtone’ and then ‘vibration’ at the top of the page. We don’t know about you, but this  iPhone trick was procrastination fodder for a good twenty minutes…


4. Up your security! In your settings you can choose to have a longer passcode, and for it to be a mix of letters and numbers. Who knew?


5. Make a mistake when in the middle of an important text? Accidentally delete that heartfelt text essay you were labouring over for a good twenty minutes? Shake your phone, and the following box will appear. And then you can undo and continue forth on your over-sharing wet texting. You’re welcome.


6. Double tap the space bar to put a full stop, easy as!


7. Ever get frustrated when you fall asleep during an audiobook and lose your place? Open the clock, set a timer, go into ‘When Timer Ends’ and choose ‘Stop Playing’ and the Audiobook will automatically stop when the timer runs out. Sorted. This also works for music!


8. Just in case you ever feel the need to correct poor Siri’s pronunciation, just say ‘That’s not how you pronounce ____” and Siri will give you other options. Give the bloke a break!


9. Turn your phone onto ‘Aeroplane Mode’ while charging, and it will charge super quick. Or, yanno… you could just turn it off. It’s all the same really..


10. Is your iPhone running low on battery? Silly question, of course it is! We bet you’ve already turned off GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth and have your screen brightness so low that you can’t actually tell what’s going on. Our trick? Turn off your Mobile Data ( Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data). Which will reduce your phone to, well.. a phone. The battery will last significantly longer and you’ll still be able to use it in an emergency.


11. Highlight a section of text on your iPhone and have Siri speak it out loud. No reason why… just because.


12. Up your selfie game: whenever the camera is open you can use the volume buttons to take photos. Work that duck face, girl, work it!


13. Ever wanted to be that annoying person who’s phone flashes obnoxiously when they recieve texts, or worse, an incoming call? Here’s how! Open up your settings, head into Accesibility and turn on ‘LED Flash for alerts’. You can now rest safe in the knowledge that your phone will piss off anyone within a 10 metre radius.


14.  Up your selfie game some more, use the Volume + button of your earbuds as a remote. #GoodbyeSelfieArm


15. Siri is the perfect nap buddy


16. Scroll back to the top of any app by tapping the top bar on your screen


17. Hold down the shutter button to take a continuous stream of photos. Supposedly, to make sure you get the ‘perfect shot’. That, and also to fill up your friends phone will hundreds of unwanted photos. Yes, be that person!


18. You know they’re not replying. You’ve been waiting, no reply. Swipe the messages to the left so you can pain yourself with the knowledge of exactly how long ago you sent that text… brill.


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