17 Boyfriends Who Really Nailed It


Social Media is often the outlet of choice for a little humble relationship bragging, but these guys have definitely done something right.

1. Sliding this under the door while your girlfriend is on the toilet? Top job.



2. The guy who made these has really got the odds stacking in his favour, if you know what we mean



3. Risking a possible house fire just for a romantic gesture, totally worth it… #YourSexIsOnFire.. No.. really, it is



4. When she asked for ‘heart shaped pancakes’ I don’t think she was expecting this gesture to be so literal


5. Because nothing says ‘I love You’ quite like a gun #relationshipgoals



6. How about a love heart made of ammo?


7. This boyfriend is possibly hinting at something with this present



8. When a twitter user texted her boyfriend of her trying on a dress, inspiration struck him. Job well done!Capture21



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