Zoella Slammed For "Reckless" New Video



Police have slammed Zoella’s latest video as “reckless.”

The YouTube sensation, fresh from the shortest Internet hiatus of the year, has received criticism for acting unsafely on the road.

In the video (Scroll down to watch it) she begins by walking her pug and playing around inside the house, before getting in the car and driving as she talks directly to the camera.

Zoella can be seen taking both hands off the steering wheel, and also taking her eyes off the road at least six times.

A police source told Now magazine “She could have killed someone. How can anyone who has their eyes off the road for that amount of time be in complete control of a vehicle?

“It’s clearly a main road with plenty of people about. Anyone could have run out in the middle of the road and she wouldn’t have seen them or had enough time to stop. This is completely irresponsible behaviour.”

Fans of Zoella feel that the criticism is a huge overreaction, pointing out that the car isn’t moving when she takes her hands off the wheel. With all her followers, we’re pretty sure she will take the criticism on the chin.

Watch the video here and tell us what you think…(Skip to 6:50 for the alleged reckless driving)

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