9 Ways To Make New Year's Eve Better



People often complain that New Year’s is overrated. If you’re one of those, then this is for you. New Year’s can be one of the best nights out of the year, you just need to make it happen. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to get the most out of New Year.

1. Don’t overhype it

Whatever your plans, just go to have fun and see where the night takes you. If you build it up to be the biggest night of your year then the train already has further to travel to reach the destination. See below on what not to do. 

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2. Rent a cottage in the country

Get a big group of mates and splash out, it will be totally worth it. You will be surrounded by the picturesque countryside which is perfect for drunken midnight adventures. New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be a busy, hectic, crowded affair. With you and your mates in the middle of nowhere there will be no queuing at the bar, just as much fun, and a more memorable setting.

3. Go to a different village/town/city

Variety is the spice of life. There’s a good chance you will have more fun sampling the delights of a new pub, bar, and club scene.

4. Walk the streets for the first hour after midnight.

This is when all those beautiful people out there are usually at their most merry. Take the opportunity to kick about on the streets and wish all the random strangers a happy new year, you’re bound to meet some characters.

5. Try something new

As soon as you have finished with Auld Lang Syne kick off the New Year with a totally new experience. It could be a new drink, a new selection from the takeaway, a new dance move, anything. If you start the New Year by experimenting it must surely be good Feng shui for the year ahead.

6. New Year’s Eve treasure hunt. 

You and your mates are each given 10 things on a list, whoever achieves the most by the end of the night starts 2015 as the boss. For example, a photo with somebody who looks like a celebrity, a piece of clothing from a stranger, a selfie with a bouncer. 

7. The secret challenge

All of you are given a sentence that you must drop into conversation. For example, “I always though it odd that the moon is made from cheese and yet there are now cows on it.” If you do it successfully without your friends guessing that you just revealed your sentence then they buy you a drink. If someone calls you out, get a round in.

8. Games in general

This depends on the size of your group. If there is twenty of you then it can be hassle getting everyone to shut up and play a game, but with the right sized group a few drinking games etc. helps get the laughs flowing.

9. Choose a fancy dress theme

We don’t know why it is but if you put a group of friends in fancy dress they always seem to be on better form. Choose a cool theme that allows people to be creative and run with it.


If you like the idea of any of these then tag your mates and get preparing. Whatever you end up doing, have a fabulous time and a happy New Year.


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