There’s a Park in Austria That Disappears Underwater Every Spring and It’s Mind-Blowing


This is Grüner See, or Green Lake, found just below the snow-capped Hochschwab mountains in Austria.

This county park is a popular stop off for outdoor enthusiasts to hike, camp or picnic, but when the temperatures rise in the spring, the ice and snow on the mountaintops melts, running down into the basin below.



The incredible phenomenon literally swallows up the entire park, leaving it underwater. In the photos , taken by Marc Henauer, you can see the pathways, trees, benches and bridges submerged beneath a sheet of emerald green water.



 “Underwater, we feel a magical world. The sun creates fantastic light rays through water. Then you think it is a dream and you expect to see goblins appear,” says Henauer. 



The brilliant event only lasts for about three to four weeks during the spring. Come July, the beautifully translucent lake begins to recede and by winter, it reduces down to its original size. 




Henauer says that the feeling of exploring this underwater park in Austria is enchanting and unlike anything else on Earth. His wonderful photographs of Green Lake won third place in the 2014 National Geographic Travel competition

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