She Says Her Rarely Seen Body Type Is 'The Model Of The Future,' And It's Redefining What's Sexy



Viktoria Modesta has worked with Channel 4 to release a unique video a little different to anything we’ve seen before. Her leg was damaged during birth, and she went through 15 surgeries attempting to correct it. At age 20, she had a voluntary leg amputation to improve her mobility.


She is using her bionic leg to try and inspire. Viktoria was quoted as saying:

“I have never felt comfortable thinking as myself as disabled, and this has inspired me to actively challenged old-fashioned views”

“The time for boring ethical discussions around disability is over. I want people to feel new feelings that they didn’t know they had.”

Viktoria had always wanted to be a pop star but her body type was arrely seen in the media. She managed to break that barrier and has performed for billions at the Paralympics, as well as starring as the Snow Queen with Dancing on Ice, wearing a Swarovski prosthetic leg.

This is her unique music video, the music may not appease all tastes but it’s hard to argue against her awesome spike dance.

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