Russell Brand's Revolution Just Scored A Massive Victory



This morning has bought the first taste of success for Russell Brand and his revolution.

A firm of US investors had planned to boot out hoards of families from the New Era estate in East London so that they could build an up-market development. A move which would most likely have pushed poorer people more towards the outskirts of London. Well, not any more, they are now on the verge of selling up and moving on.

The real victory for Brand and his fellow campaigners is that the buyer they are thinking of taking up is an affordable housing provider. City Hall expects the transfer to be complete before Christmas.

Brand Tweet

All of this comes after a vocal campaign by Brand and the residents of the New Era estate. They took part in multiple street demonstrations, a petition signed by thousands and a march on Downing Street that ended with this famous spat with a Channel 4 News presenter.

Here it is again:

With the taste of success on his lips it is unlikely that Brand will be going quiet in the near future. He seems to be a bit like Marmite across Britain, tell us what you think to his views and impact in the comments.


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