Russell Brand Set To Take On Nigel Farage



This could well be one of the TV events of the year. Russell Brand and Nigel Farage are set to go head-to-head when they both feature on Question Time in Canterbury next week. 

The comedian turned actor turned political activist will sit beside the UKIP leader he often refers to as “that racist bloke” next Thursday. Has the prospect of a political debate ever been so mouth watering? There will be others involved, including a Labour MP, although you do have to wonder how many words they will manage to squeeze in with two very keen speakers around.

Farage may be wise to expect a barrage of typically verbose abuse from Brand, but the UKIP man has recently expressed sympathy with his views. He said in his column:

“Even though Brand talks in riddles about how he’d run the country, we are both driven by the same innate passion to see radical change in our politics. “

For those who haven’t seen it. Here is Brand’s famous interview with Paxman from earlier in the year.


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