Police Officer's Welfare Check On Elderly Woman Takes Unexpected Turn



What started off as a regular welfare check between a police officer and an elderly woman has evolved and blossomed into an unlikely friendship.

Dorothy Shepard, 73, first encountered DeSoto, Texas, police officer John Holder when he pitched up at her house to see how she was fairing after her numerous back and neck surgeries. At the end of the visit, Holder slipped Shepard his number and asked her to call him if she ever needed anything.  

The next day, Shepard took him up on his offer. Officer Holder picked Shepard up at her house and gave her a ride to her doctor’s appointment. The two have enjoyed each other’s company ever since.

This is Holder helping Shepard buy groceries for her Thanksgiving dinner:


The local Police Department posted the picture to their Facebook page with the caption: “A citizen took this picture of Officer John Holder helping an elderly lady shop for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Officer Holder took it upon himself to help and did this on his own time. Great job Officer Holder!!”

Shepard is definitely thankful for her new friend. “I know police officers,” she said, “but I never expected him to be that kind, and to go out of [his] way. He’s just tremendous.”

It’s awesome to see a little bit of humanity go a long way.


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