Partygoer's Life Is Saved By Skintight Dress




One lucky lady, Zoe Turner, amazingly owes her life to the skintight £35 ‘bodycon’ dress after it stopped her bones piercing her organs in a horrific car accident.

Zoe’s dress worked ‘like a corset’ by stopping bones from popping out and causing fatal internal injuries after her taxi was hit by a cement mixer.

Doctors told the 21-year-old that the dress almost certainly saved her life. That’s what you call value for money!

She said: ‘I couldn’t believe my dress saved my life. That’s the best £35 I’ve ever spent.

‘Although I didn’t come off lightly, the end result could have been a lot worse.

‘The pain and restriction my dress was causing was unbearable – I am lucky to be alive.


‘The doctors told me that if I hadn’t worn such a tight dress which held in place my bones as the car impacted, I would have most definitely punctured vital organs as my bones went out of place.’

The driver of the taxi suffered a broken neck and her friends survived with broken arms, eye sockets and pelvis. It’s a sad incident, but it could have been a lot worse. 

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