Mysterious Loud 'Bangs' Heard Across The UK And US


Conspiracy theorists; assemble!

Many thought that the strange sounds heard on Saturday night were fireworks, which is understandable as that is what the noises resembled most. There were, allegedly, no fireworks.

Religious blog ‘The End Time’ says that the mysterious ‘Booms’ are nothing less than the end of the world itself, ‘I believe the booms are either manifestations of spiritual warfare we happen to hear on this side of the veil, or the preparations God is making for imminent Tribulation judgments.

‘Sort of like the bumps and shudders throughout a house when furniture is being moved around. Nothing that is happening on that side of the veil is happening accidentally or chaotically, of course, but as evil rises I picture the throes and feverish pitch of good angels fighting fallen angels, and the preparations for the climactic end season of man’s time on earth.’

More realistic people have come to the conclusion that it’s more likely to be the US testing a new kind of jet fighter, that has a ‘pule detonation engine’… We don’t know what this is but it sounds cool as hell.

Or maybe, just maybe, these noises that sound so mysteriously like fireworks could just be, you guessed it… Fireworks?!

What do you think the noises were? We’ve put our money on E.T….

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