Man Accidentally Sells Girlfriend's Cat




This must have been an awkward conversation. A woman is devastated  after her boyfriend accidentally sold her pet cat.

Roy Dufek has turned to Craiglist in a bid to rectify his blunder and find the feline. He has come to the conclusion that he may have unwittingly shipped the cat to a new home inside a bed.

Camo the cat hid inside a Divan bed that Roy sold as his girlfriend prepared to moved out of her apartment in Portland, USA.

In a pleading Craigslist post, he wrote: “Little did I know when the cat is scared it hides inside the box spring [Divan]. He’s no longer in her apartment and we’ve been working with the buyer to search through his house/garage/perimeter where he stored the box spring once he got home.”



He continued: ‘As you can imagine my girlfriend is absolutely crushed. I know some think ‘it’s just a cat’ but if you’ve ever owned an animal I ask that you understand how unbelievably devastating this is.

‘Camo was her world and I was the one who took that away from her days before Christmas of all times of the year.’

Let’s hope that the Camo is returned safely. Spread the word by sharing this, you never know who might be reading.

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