Loud Sex Has Landed This Woman In Heaps Of Trouble



A woman has vowed to carry on having loud sex despite being given an Asbo banning her from screaming and shouting while being pleasured.

Caroline Cartwright, 53, retorted by pointing out ‘that’s what you should be doing.’

Her and husband Steve reached such high decibel levels that police had to be called more than 30 times and she was even given a suspended prison sentence when she breached her Asbo.

Rumours that Steve couldn’t fit his head into the courtroom due to his ballooned ego are yet to be given any substance, but pleasing his wife in the bedroom must surely not be on his list of problems this Christmas.


Caroline said: ‘As far as I’m concerned, that’s what you should be doing. Just relax. Go with the flow.

‘It’s not as if I’m having sex and think “Oh, I’m making too much noise. I better be quiet”.’

The problems originally began when the pair moved into a quiet terrace and bought a bed with an iron headboard, which banged against the wall before it broke. (That’s the headboard that broke, not the wall)

She said: ‘I would have been judgemental about people who went to prison before I got locked up.

‘But then you go in there and you hear the stories of why they’re there, it makes you realise that it could be anyone who ends up there.’

Do yo think that this is a bit harsh on Caroline? Or should she be quieter and respect the neighbours?

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