Katie Hopkins Reported To The Police



If she has one thing then it’s an opinion.Katie Hopkins has been at it again, but this time it nearly came back to bite her. She was reported to the police for hate crimes against overweight people.

Katie was reported by a woman belonging to a ‘fat activist’ group during filming for her new programme on TLC, in which she gains and loses three stone in six months.

Katie was accused of the crime when she met up with the group of five women in London who all work independently as plus-size activists or diet bloggers, so that she could hear opposing views on her claims that ‘fat people are lazy’

The discussion between Katie and the women quickly get heated with size acceptance campaigner Ms Szrodecki seen storming out of the room to call the police in the second episode.

Katie can be heard saying (about the phone) “Would you like it brought to you because it’s probably going to be hard for you to walk there.”

After the meeting, Katie is allegedly unapologetic about upsetting Kathryn. 

She tells cameras: ‘They’re irritated that I have a voice, one of them even threatened to go and call the police, so I told her to go and do that. But, no police came, which was disappointing as I quite like a man in a uniform.”

The argument is seen in the second episode of Katie’s new show, with the first part airing on Friday night.  Over six months, Katie went from 8st 12lb to 11st 13lb and then lost the weight again to prove how easy it is to get fit. 

Tell us what you think, is Katie committing a hate crime?

Here is the video of what happened. 

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