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It has been the most talked about movie of the year and after a game of political tennis Sony finally released The Interview. There is no doubt that the film will be watched the world over, there is nothing like banning a film to increase its anticipation levels. But is it any good? 

The critics have been divided, although there is definitely a lean towards a big fat no.

The Haters:

A Los Angeles Times critic said: “Characterising it as satire elevates the creative execution of the film’s very silly faux assassination of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un far beyond what it merits.”

Wall Street Journal labelled it a Turkey. They said that  “No one ever thought ‘The Interview’ would be high art, but its lows are unwittingly epic” and “the remarkably dismal quality is emblematic of the mind-set that brought the movie, and its attendant crises, into being.”

The Verge wrote: “The Interview is a bad movie that trivializes one of the worst ongoing human rights violations on our planet right now”

The Deadline wrote, “It’s an awfully stupid movie, and by stupid, I don’t mean good-stupid, the kind that makes you laugh so hard you forget to be embarrassed. The Interview is so drenched in flop sweat that anyone seeing it for reasons of patriotism should be saluted.”

Kim Un

Those somewhere in the middle

On website Rotten Tomatoes, viewers were split down the middle as it was given a “50% fresh” rating.

The Wired said “It’s a comedy and it’s OK. I laughed a few times, and picked up on all the half-ass foreshadowing that excuses itself for moviemaking. If I had seen it in a theater, I would not have walked out, but I might have taken a nap.

The Fans

Rolling Stone magazine said “Its mission is merely to make audiences p**s themselves laughing. At that it succeeds. It’s killer funny. Even when the jokes miss, or grow repetitive, you can’t help rooting for it.”

The San Francisco Chronicle liked it, and said you would too depending on your taste. “Put it this way: Imagine “Harold and Kumar Go to North Korea,” or “Bill and Ted’s Excellent North Korean Adventure” or even “The Road to Pyongyang” starring Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. You get the idea.”

IGN Said, “though its unlikely to stand out as one of the shrewdest political satires of its time, The Interview is a clever, unrestrained – and frankly most importantly – sidesplitting parody that pokes fun at both a vapid media and one of the world’s most dangerous dictators. Rogen and Goldberg tackle a risky subject head-on and do not hold back one iota of their brash, barefaced, vulgar humor – which is just as it should be. When all is said and done, this comedy satisfies the only true demand that ought to be made of it – it makes its audience laugh.”

The Overall Verdict

With opinions so divided, all the critics have really done is given us another reason to watch the film and make our own minds up. Have you seen the film already? If so, tell us what you think in the comments.

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