Hackers Ruin Christmas Gaming Fun By Taking Down Sony And Microsoft Servers



If you found a glistening new Xbox One or PlayStation 4 under the tree yesterday morning then you have our sympathy (kind of). For large chunks of of Christmas Day, both Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network were offline amid sustained distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Microsoft and Sony acknowledged their ongoing issues via Twittter.


We are pretty sure that the Microsoft and Sony employees had hoped for a much more relaxed Christmas than this. Unfortunately, a group of hackers have ruined it slightly.

Lizard Squad have taken responsibility for the attacks. In the past, they have overloaded both Microsoft and Sony’s gameplay services, as well as Blizzard’s online gaming network. The group have reportedly threatened to bring down a commercial airliner in a previous statement some time ago.

DDoSing occurs when massive numbers of people or automated machines flood servers with external data requests, crippling the computers to the point where they grind to a halt and are effectively frozen.

Some are suggesting that the attack is a publicity stunt to gain Twitter followers rather than any noble defense of principles.

Tweets that have since been deleted read:

“Everyone follow @TheKingCrucifix and we will stop hitting xbox & psn #offline”

“Everyone follow @Stretcher right now or xbox will stay offline all night, FAV THIS!”

We don’t want to tell the guys over at Lizard squad how to be popular, but taking away something that people want and then saying “be my friend and you’ll get it back” is hardly going to ignite loyalty. 

Naturally, this doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. 



It wasn’t all bad, something positive was gained for this chap.

hack 3



A rival hacker group, The Finest Squad, recently tweeted claiming to have resolved the problem. Were you affected by the hackers? Tell us in the comments.

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