11 Football Manager Blunders That Will Leave You Gasping For Air



Football management means making big decisions under the glaring spotlight of the public eye. Under such scrutiny it’s inevitable that things will go wrong, and the die hard football fan will always be nearby to lap it up. To celebrate the release of Football Manager 2015, the 11th edition of everyone’s favourite manager game, we compiled the 11 funniest football manager moments to guide you on how not to let blunders blight your management.

Surely you can do better than these guys? Download the free demo and see for yourself (we won’t be held responsible for any broken furniture)

1. Always keep your cool. Here is a lesson on what not to do from managements most famous wheeler and dealer


2. Get the fundamentals right, if you’re wondering how basic the errors can get, just see Big Ron here.

3. This guy likes to talk, and he famously went on this rant covering just about every topic imaginable from players shorts to Tony Blair.


4. When the TV camera’s are in the changing room, it’s probably not the right time to use your half time team talk to sack a player and call out two others for a fight.


5. Or even worse, come the full time whistle, you could actually start a fight like the favourite feisty Italian did here. 


6. Always spot the danger coming…


7. Don’t be scared…the very best managers never get scared.


8. Don’t let the competition get to you….whatever you do


9. Whatever you do, don’t take it out on the fans…


10. Don’t take those old footballing clichés such as keep your head in the game too literally…


11. Whatever you do, make sure that your players can actually play! 

They make quite the bunch. See how you compare by downloading Football Manager 2015’s free demo. This years edition comes with an improved Classic Mode which enables quicker game play for those of you that want the glory in a shorter amount of time.

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