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Frozen Fever is real. And we don’t mean the fact everyone is going mad for Frozen, which they are. We mean that ‘Frozen Fever’ is literally real. Disney are currently working on a sequel to what is arguably one of the biggest animated movies of all time, and it’s going to be called ‘Frozen Fever’. Feel free to freak out, we get it.

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The short film will allow us all another highly sought after glimpse on the characters’ lives, when Elsa and Kristoff are determined to put together an amazing celebration for Anna’s birthday. Disney have hinted that ‘Elsa’s icy powers may well put the party at risk’, and so we all wait anxiously for it’s release.

It will be shown in cinemas as a pre-roll for the upcoming Disney film Cinderella, due for release in March 2015. The re-working of cult classic Cinderella with Lily James as the protagonist, and Helena Bonham Carter playing the quirky Fairy Godmother is predicted to be another success story from the well loved hit making machine Disney. Check out the trailer below, we can’t wait!


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