Couples Have More Sex During The Festive Season - Here's Why




New research has revealed that couples will be having more sex during the festive period than other times of the year. Is it because of all the romance in the air? No, it’s because they are planning to have a September baby.

Almost a quarter of British mums – 21% – fall pregnant in December or January. Nearly half – 44% – wait for Christmas to start trying for a baby because they want their child to be born in September, making them among the oldest in their school year.

People born on or around Christmas must wonder what was going through their parents minds. Who knows, maybe they just aren’t as big on planning as others, which is lucky for you otherwise you probably wouldn’t be here.

The survey has been carried out by the Netmums website.

Christmas week pregnancies aren’t all about planning though. There are quite a few accidents too, and these were attributed to heavy drinking or a Christmas fling.

While 21% of mums conceive during the festive season, a further 11% admitted they had tried to get pregnant at this time. A quarter of those surveyed said that being at get-togethers with relatives made them realise they wanted a family of their own.

Netmums managing director Rimi Atwal said: “Christmas and New Year is a time for families – in more ways than one.

“While thousands of mums wait all year for this week to try to conceive, the combination of time at home, feeling more relaxed, drinking and making merry means lots of women will also start New Year with a surprise new life onboard.

“But whether the pregnancy was planned or not, conceiving at this time is a magical start to motherhood.”

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