The Christmas Presents You're Lucky You Didn't Get


We’ve put together some of the worst gifts that people will be getting this Christmas, just so your own seem amazing in comparison. Let us know in the comments what other awful gifts you recieved!

1. ‘Fundies’


‘Fun’ underwear for two. And no, this is 100% not what anyone meant by lingerie.

2. Hand Sanitizer… but worse


Thanks, Auntie Linda. It’s all clear now.

3. The ‘UroClub’


Yes. It’s exactly what you’re thinking. A golf club that’s actually a pee receptacle. And as you’ll note in the photo, the UroClub comes with a “privacy shield” (loincloth) to protect whatever dignity one has left.

4. Nothing


Someone you know has got the worst sense of humour, possibly ever.

5. PetPetter


Because someone, somewhere is apparently incapable of petting their pet.

6. ‘Pyro Pet’ candle


Because nothing says ‘I love you’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ more than a morbid kitten shaped candle who’s flesh graphically melts away to reveal a pretty creepy looking metal skeleton. It’s your own horror movie plot, ready to sit on the coffee table. Get’s you right in the christmas mood, no?

7. “Silly Socks Sandals”


No explanation needed. Tragic.

8. “Flatulence Underwear”


Harnessing the same power found in chemical warfare suits, these undies will neutralise any odours you produce. And yes, they are trying to tell you something.


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