Bill Gates Played Secret Santa And Got The Perfect Gift


Bill Gates

Bill Gates being your secret Santa is a dream come true, especially if you had absolutely no idea that the Microsoft tycoon was on the radar. Reddit user calid7 opened her gift from the Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange only to discover it was from the famous billionaire.

She shared her story on Reddit Gifts, explaining that Gates fulfilled her “pie in the sky wish” and sent her a full-size Loki helmet that she’s wanted since Marvel’s first Thor movie.


In addition to the helmet, Gates sent her a polio virus plushie and a coffee table book with photos of Africa.

“The most important part is, He also made a donation in my name to Shot@Life a great program that provides vaccines for kids in poor countries which is SO amazing and i can’t even begin to describe how incredible it makes me feel knowing that he made this donation in my name!” she wrote. “I always donate what i can for charities, which is never much cause money is always extremely tight, it really makes me glow!”


Fair play to Bill Gates, there seems to be no end to his philanthropy. 

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