Balotelli Causes Outrage After 'Anti-Semetic' Instagram Post



Mario Balotelli has come under heavy scrutiny after his attempt at an anti-racist post went badly wrong on Instagram. The Liverpool Striker, posted and then hastily deleted a link on Twitter to his Instagram page, in which he recycled an old meme which sends an anti-racist message using the image of computer game character Super Mario.

The original meme carries the message that Super Mario has characteristics of many different races. In Balotelli’s version he threw in an extra line at the bottom of the image, “jumps like a black man and grabs coins like a Jew.” 

His club immediately expressed their concern that the message may be interpreted as using a racial stereotype, and the post was deleted.


Baloitelli quickly took to Twitter to defend his actions by saying that his mother is jewish (below).


It is expected that the FA will be forced into opening an enquiry due to their very clear social media guidelines. Liverpool will be hoping that the FA will understand the context of the message, and not take any action against the striker.

Tell us what you think, is Mario being harshly criticised, or was he wrong to make the post?

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