8 Honourable Habits Of A True Gentleman That Make Women Swoon

A true gentlemen doesn’t not necessarily do these things because they want to appease a woman, they do them because they want to, and will continue to do them long after they have a won your affection.

1. Suffering through a chickflick

It would be unreasonable to expect a man to get excited at the prospect of watching The Notebook or Bridget Jones with you, but the keepers are the ones that will do so without moaning, ¬†even if it’s the second time that month.

2. Respect you and pay you some attention in front of friends

It’s not cool if the man can’t enjoy himself with his friends when his girlfriend is around. She doesn’t want him constantly pandering to her needs, as if she were a small child . But it goes a long way if he makes the effort to integrate her into the group, make her feel wanted and more comfortable.

3. Surprise you when you least expect it.

A surprise can go a long way. Whether it’s a gift for no reason, or a surprise date. In the same breath though, it is important to remember that being surprised daily can become tiresome and try-hard. The key word here is surprise.

4. Open doors

The oldest one in the book, and it still applies. A guy that walks around and opens the car door for his girlfriend is putting her comfort ahead of his. That’s what a true gentleman would do.

5. Treat everyone as they would wish to be treated themselves

Kindness is not an on/off switch that can be fiddled around with. A man that treats everybody with respect, no matter who they are, is good man. There’s nothing more attractive than a man who is good with people (especially children. You hate to admit it but, lets face it, it just gets you)

6. Send flowers

Another classic. It makes a woman feel cared for and special. Nothing says ‘I’m thinking of you’ more than flowers.

7. Offer the last bite of food

Men love to eat, so when they save you their last bite it is their way of saying that they are putting your needs ahead of their own. Who doesn’t want that?

8. Spend time getting to know your friends and family

By taking time out to get to know your friends and family what a guy is really saying is that you’re important to him, and he wants to prove it by getting to know the people that are important to you. This is the action of a wise gentleman.

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