7 Bosnian Schoolgirls, Aged 13-14, Come Back From School Trip Pregnant



Seven girls aged between 13 and 14 fell pregnant after going on a school trip in Bosnia.

Furious parents are now demanding to know why the teachers weren’t supervising closely enough to prevent it from happening. The school had taken 28 girls from the town of Banja Luka on a five-day trip to the capital city, Sarajevo, to visit museums and other historical sites. That’s 25% returning pregnant, a ratio that makes Magaluf appear like a celibate island. 

The case has understandably provoked nationwide debate about sex education in Bosnia. Senad Mehmedbasic, a gynaecologist from Sarajevo said that a growing trend for underage pregnancies in Bosnia is worrying. 

‘That is the trend of today. But we can not continue to allow our children to be educated about sex on the street and not in school,’ he added.

It is obvious that children do not have enough knowledge of health education so they engage in such activities, not knowing the consequences

‘We have to be more direct in the educational system, it must not be allowed that street teaches children about intimate matters, and that they are later slapped by life.’

Teen pregnancy is a major social issue in Bosnia, this video tells you more about it. 



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