The 5 Things You Need To Know Today



Quite the mix of events today, but then Christmas does make people do the funniest things.

1. Miley Cyrus at Christmas turns out to be like Miley Cyrus the rest of the year

You have to credit her a little, she really doesn’t care what people think. Hence, the topless video and her bizarre interpretation of an elf. Whatever you think of her, she has got people talking, the above image and video below are causing tuts of disgust to clash with howls of defence all across the web.


2. Dad wakes up in France after ultimate drinking session.

He says he only went for a quick pint, but not long later Shawn Smith and two of his pals were in France on a duty free tobacco run. The father of six managed to get through customs without a passport as he dozed in the back seat of the car. Unfortunately for Shawn, who had never left the UK prior to this, his look ran out on the return at Calais and he was forced to travel 180 miles to Paris to get an emergency British passport.



3. ‘Drugalyser’ test released in time for Christmas

The new drug-testing kits approved by the Home Office last week analyse samples of saliva instantly to detect for both illegal narcotics and legal highs. They will be used on motorists this Christmas, with the driver being unaware what kind of test they are taking.



4. NASA planning to build cloud cities in air ships above Venus.

NASA scientists are working on a city made out of huge balloons in the clouds above Venus, which will allow astronauts to explore the planet without venturing onto its hostile surface. The planet is much hotter than Earth, at around 462 degrees Celsius, and has an atmospheric pressure around 92 times greater. It sounds like the perfect holiday destination, don’t you think?



5. Man dials 999 because his pizza took 45 minutes to deliver.

We kid you not. Take a listen for yourself. He can’t have just called 999 spur of the moment, this man probably sat there after 40 minutes and said to himself ‘if this pizza doesn’t arrive in 5 minutes I’ll call 999.’ That’s a whole 5 minutes where he couldn’t think of a better solution.



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