The 5 Things You Need To Know Today



Just in case you fall in love at first sight and find yourself a little tongue tied.

1. 10-year-old boy makes Justin Timberlake cry

if you were hoping for a cutting remark then sorry to disappoint, this one is all about the feels. Watch this video taken from a recent concert, tis the season…


2. A 99 cheese pizza is in the oven

Otherwise known as the novantanove formaggi. Australian Johnny Di Francesco, from Melbourne’s 400 Gradi pizza restaurant, created the pizza with 99 different types of cheese in honour of the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.


Whilst it looks like it’s definitely worth a taste, we wouldn’t recommend it at the end of a drunken night out, just think of all the nightmares.


3. Horny pensioners given condom warning.

Pensioners have been warned to take ‘in-date, good-quality condoms’ as cruise ships have been swept by sexually transmitted diseases such as genital warts and gonorrhea.


You might want to put this nugget of information firmly in the back of your mind, and then drag it out in 40+ years time, but apparently cruise ships are not far off being floating orgies for OAPs.


4. University bar found selling laughing gas.


The legal high was found being sold in a bar run by the Aston University Student Union. it was being sold at for £2 a balloon or £5 for three. It’s not clear how it became available as The Student Union claims no prior knowledge and are conducting their own investigation.


5. Someone has been telling porky’s

We reported yesterday on Mohammed Islam, the 17-year-old that had claimed to have made $72million trading on his lunch breaks. It’s a great story, but unfortunately that is all it is, the figment of a talented imagination.


He has since hired a PR firm that is now telling anyone and everyone that he had lied, presumably because all of his mates were expecting him to pay for everything whenever they left the house. The plot thickens as New York Magazine, who originally ran with the story, claim to have seen documents proving he is worth at least $10million. Maybe he is rolling in it afterall but has developed modesty in hindsight.



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