The 5 Things You Need To Know Today


It has been a long ol’ weekend, and many off you may have exhausted your pub chat. Time to start storing some vital nuggets for later in the week then.

1. Katy Perry continues to be a bit of a legend.

Some random anarchy chaser threw a lollipop at Katy Perry during a concert. Nowadays you expect celebrities to storm of stage, but Katy Perry handled it like a true pro. Watch the video below.


2. The BNP Christmas card is here.

The BNP Christmas card wish its recipients a white Christmas, we can only presume that they are hoping for snow. The light-hearted Christmas cheer continues when you open the card up:

“This is not just a fight to save Christmas it’s the battle for the very survival of our British nation and for the future of our children.”

Rumours that they plan on releasing a white chocolate advent calender in 2015 are as yet unconfirmed.o-BNP-CARD-570.jpg


3. The government discovered a monster.

New files have been released detailing the quest to capture The Beast of Bodmin Moor. The government spent six months and £84,000 investigating 60 sightings of ‘The Beast’ in the 80’s and 90’s. It has emerged over the weekend that the hired experts finally figured out what was happening with the much feared threat. 

It was a larger than average pussycat…

Sure, that’s what they leak to the press, but we all know there is a giant man-eating beast on the prowl, it’s just your average Monday morning cover up. 



4. Astronaut captures ‘weather bomb’ from space.

Nasa astronaut Terry W.Virts took the shot from the International Space Station and posted it on Twitter.

He wrote: “Amazing photo timing! Lightning from the storm off the UK last week with Aurora.”

Cool photo Terry, wait until you see how awesome the shapes were in our cappuccino’s when we upload them to Instagram later, then we’ll see who’s taken the best photo.



5. 1p bargains at Amazon

A software glitch means that numerous Amazon items were priced at 1p for a short while. Bargain hunters got clothes, toys, and even mattresses for next to nothing. The frenzy happened on Friday, and whilst Amazon have managed to cancel some of the orders, many have been dispatched with some suppliers suggesting that the errors have left their business in tatters.

Those that managed to take advantage of the mishap will be looking forward to a very merry Christmas, no doubt.



>>These guys get paid millions and they still mess up!

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