The 5 Things You Need To Know Today


Never suffer in awkward silence again, here are five conversation starters that will only make you seem a little bit weird. 

1. Keanu Reeves turned away from his own party

Keanu Reeves was stopped from entering his OWN party on Friday because nobody recognised him. Keanu, being the true gent that he is, didn’t want to cause a scene and so instead he waited in the pouring rain for 20 minutes until two of his friends showed up to confirm who he was (now just imagine if it was Kanye West it had happened to). The club that turned him down were hosting a wrap party to celebrate his new film, Daughter of God.




2. Instagram is more popular than Twitter

There are now more than 300 million people registered to Instagram, making it more popular than Twitter which has 282 million. Instagram bosses say that 70 million photos are posted each day. With such a sharp rise in the number of photos being shared you do have to wonder if people have started taking two lunches a day, it’s the only explanation. 




3. The legal system is still working

A woman gave evidence in a foreign tongue for an hour before anyone noticed. The witness was repeatedly told to speak slower and move back from the microphone. Coupled with reportedly poor acoustics in court, those present assumed proceedings were simply hard to hear. Seeing as though nobody said anything for an hour, were they just planning or ignoring her evidence? Or was the body language a give away?




4. Zapping your brain might make you better at maths tests.

The key word here is might. Just to be extra helpful the scientists at Oxford University that conducted the research have also pointed out that it might make you worse too. It all depends on you and your personality. Those that have high levels of anxiety about maths tests are most likely to benefit.



5. The Police Officer stopping motorists…

This police officer is stopping passing motorists to give them things from their Christmas wish list, kind of like Santa except he’s real and hasn’t been checking if you’re naughty or nice. Take a look at this video, see if you recognise any of the streets, and keep driving up and down until you get that Hoverboard you’ve been wanting.

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