20 Ghostly Deserted Places On Earth That Will Give You Goosebumps


There’s something about abandoned, forsaken places that gives people the creeps. Here are the 20 most surreal deserted spots on Earth, and get a glimpse at a world without humans….

1. This house was part of what was once a fairly successful small island colony in Chesapeake Bay in the US. Rapid erosion of the island meant that there was less and less room to live. This was the last house left on Holland Island before it’s collapse in 2010.


2. The former headquarters if Bulgaria’s Communist Party are just as eerie the inside as they our outside. In use from 1980 – 1991, it feel into disrepair after the fa;; of the Soviet Union.


3. Sorrento, Italy. A former mill that fell became abandoned after the construction of Tasso Square.


5. Michigan Central Station was built in 1913 in Detroit, but due to several planning oversights and mistakes it gradually declined before it’s close in 1988.


6.  Neo Tiew Village in Singapore, was once a thriving housing estate. Residents have since vacated and it has become a ghost town


7. The New Bedord Urpheum is an old theater and entertainment building located in Massachusetts in the U.S. It was opened in 1912 and closed in 1959 and since then has stored tobacco and served as a supermarket.


8 This train station in Abkhazia, Georgia, was abandoned during the War in 1992 and 1993.


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