Russell Brand Could Be Banned From Twitter After Posting This


Brand Tweet

Russell Brand has risked a Twitter ban by tweeting the personal telephone number of a Daily Mail journalist to his 8.7million followers. He breached Twitter’s guidelines, which state members cannot post personal information about others without permission.

It is not clear yet how Twitter will act as they treat each case on an individual basis, and Brand deleted the tweet very quickly. Some loyal fans had already rallied to applaud his actions, claiming that they had called and texted the number to harass the journalist, Neil Sears.




It wasn’t long before a backlash picked up a head of steam.



Do you think Brand should be punished for this?

The man is in the news everyday at the moment. Last week he clashed with The Sun and threatened to sue of tax dodge claims. Watch this video to see what Russell has to say about it all.

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