Indian Father Describes In Detail The Revenge He Took On His Daughters Rapist



An Indian father who killed his rapist’s daughter has described how he tortured the man to death. The father-of-six was arrested after he decided to turn himself in to police in Delhi earlier in the year.

In his interview with police, he went in to detail on how he cooked dinner for the alleged rapist before torturing him by repeatedly burning his genitals with hot tongs and then eventually killing him.

Speaking from his prison cell, he told the MailOnline: ‘Initially, I didn’t want to kill him and asked him to quietly leave my home and life but he taunted me. I became very, very angry and lost my mind.

‘I wrapped a towel around his neck and tied his hand, and dragged him to the floor. I switched on the gas and put the iron tongs and made it hot.’

The man added: ‘I could have run away and even destroyed the body but instead I went to police after three hours and told them about what I had done. He was a blot on society and a constant threat to women. Can you imagine this man is the father of two married daughters – yet he dared to do this my young innocent daughter.’

He said his daughter only revealed she had been raped when morning sickness began and she realised she was pregnant. The man has been charged with murder and is set to face 25 years in prison.

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