15 Traits You Will Find In A Woman That's Worth Pursuing


Gosh darnit, you’ve found yourself a keeper! Or so you think….



1. She knows how to fight fair. She doesn’t hold grudges, or at least not for too long. She doesn’t bring up old issues during every new argument (we’ve all been there), and she knows when to back down and admit she was wrong.

2. She acts gratefully, not spoilt and  entitled to the things she has in life. If you bring her flowers she claps her hands and tells you that they’re the prettiest flowers she’d ever seen, even if you grabbed them last minute from the petrol station.. yes, we’re looking at you…

3. Competing with other women is a thing of the past. She wants her family, friends and strangers to be as happy and successful as she is, if not more.

4. She laughs loudly and often. Even if it’s just a particularly good ‘that’s what she said’ joke, or at her own clumsiness, she’ll laugh so hard you can’t not laugh with her.

5. She’s looking for a partner because she wants one, not because she needs one. Her world will continue spinning regardless of her relationship status.

6. She will make you feel lucky, but she will never tell you you should feel lucky. There’s a pretty big difference.

7. The ability to solve her own problems. She doesn’t need her Dad or Knight in Shining Armour to come to her rescue. Lets be honest, the only thing she’s relying on is Google.. and maybe WebMD

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