The 5 Things That You Need To Know Today


Those darned news channels are so busy talking about serious news that you may have missed out on these mega events. Fear not, here is all you need to know about the world today, kind of.

1. Prince William Boards A Commercial Flight

Not only is he second in line to the throne, he now seems to be flying second class too. The American’s on board absolutely loved it.


2. The worlds weirdest Christmas jumper has arrived.

Complete with complimentary train set.


3. A tortoise called Blade has been fitted with a set of Lego wheels after losing the use of his legs.



4. In cat news…..

A  pet cat that went missing for 36 days when its owners moved house has turned up alive – inside one of the boxes. The owners had moved house over 2,000 miles away, and must have presumed they wouldn’t be seeing their cat again. We don’t want to point fingers here, but they were a tad slow with the unpacking don’t ya think.


5. Julien Dupont visits Mexican rollercoaster

Just a dude performing backflips with his motorbike while he’s killing time on a rollercoaster.

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