11 Little Things That Might Show You're In Love


11 signs love

Have you ever been in love? Not sure if that weird feeling you get when you seem him/her is the big hoo haa everyone’s been talking about? There are many small things that we often overlook that can show you’re in love. Don’t take our word for it though..

1. They annoy the hell out of you but you continue to keep them around

Maybe it’s the way they leave their socks in the bed, or haven’t admitted (yet) that you’re always right, sometimes your other half can be frustrating as hell. But you still invite them over, and you still talk to them and let them make the decisions, because they may be a massive pain in the behind but they’re your pain in the behind. Doesn’t mean you can’t still moan about it…

2. You ask them how their day went and you actually find yourself caring about the answer

You hate to admit it but you’re secretly really involved in the drama between your partner’s boss and his affair, you can’t help but ask for the latest gossip. You ask him/her if the photocopier ever got fixed, how’s  his/her friend, Suzy? The one who moved recently and who hasn’t been mentioned in a while. You’ve become fully involved in your other half’s life, like a soap opera, and look keeping up to date on whats going on.

3. You’re willing to run errands with them. Even for them.

You don’t mind popping to do the weekly shop with them, going with them while they pick up their dry cleaning. Or, worst, sitting with them in the waiting room for the doctor. That’s when you know you’re in deep. And if you ever find yourself doing a 1am tampon run (or the male equivalent… Doughnuts? Fifa?), you’re in far too deep to be doggy paddling out any time soon.

4. Even just two minutes of their time is worth it

You’re both super busy, but you get a call from your partner when he/she has a spare minute, just to say hi and that they can’t talk for long. At one stage in your life, this would probably be annoying. If your mother tried anything similar you’d be unimpressed, let’s face it. But when it’s that ‘special person’, it’s just nice to hear their voice and know you’re on their mind.


5. You have a lot of questions for them

Why do you eat it like that? How do taxes work? What’s quinoa? What should I have for dinner? how do you get your hair like that? Do you think this is still okay to eat?

We all have questions, and we all have that one friend who you’re pretty sure knows the answers to any question you could ever drudge up from the deep depths of your bored mind.  But you don’t ask them, you ask the person you love. Even know 90% of the time they don’t have the answer, you continue to ask because you care about their opinion and enjoy conversing with them.


6. Random things make you think of him/her

Not only do random things remind you of that person, you also feel the need to tell that person about said thing. One day, you see a rainbow, and you think ‘oh my god, if [insert name] was here, he’d be loving this]You also tell them about all of the weird little things that happen on a day to day basis, even though you would normally keep it to yourself. When you’re in love, suddenly it’s perfectly normal to text that person a photo of the blister on your toe, or that pancake you made that accidentally looked like something rude. Even though you’re pretty sure no one else you know would care, you feel the need to share it with that one person.

7. You casually make plans for the future without realising

You didn’t think twice when you booked your tickets for a band you both love. Even though a whole year later. The thought barely even crosses your mind. The two of you chat casually about holidays, trips, maybe even pets. You’ve been each other’s dates to multiple weddings. This stuff is getting pretty serious, and you didn’t even realise it.


8. You hang out with each other’s family. Willingly.

If you happily attend his/her great Aunt’s 98th party, and even get a little excited for the event, this is probably love. One family is enough, and taking on a second one isn’t always fun, but if you have his/her mum’s number on your phone or chat to his/her dad when she’s busy cooking, and are up to date on all of the family affairs and drama’s, that’s definitely a sign of love.


9. He/she makes you yell. More often than you’d like.

Everything is more intense around someone you love, even your laugh. So arguments become much more passionate. You feel a stronge urge to get your point accross, and genuinely care about whatever you’re arguing over, so you both often end up yelling. This is because you genuienly want to work past whatever this is and continue the relationship. The only argument you should worry about is the one in which you’re not trying.



10. You have fully taken on the ‘we’ outlook on life.

You buy presents from you both, and one of you signs the card with something along the lines of ‘love, from Anna and Dave xx’. Yes, that thing you always avoided. It’s happening. Regularly. And you don’t care. In fact, you quite like it.


11. You’re scared as hell

When you look at this person, you realise you’ve put them in a position in which they could hurt you more than anyone else before them, and that’s when you know it’s love. When the thought of not having them around makes you feel a bit queasy, or you see how much they care for you and it terrifies you, that’s love. It’s scary, but you secretly want it.

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