10 Sickly Signs That You've Reached Peak Comfort Levels In Your Relationship


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You know you’re comfortable with your partner when you are prepared to do gross things in front of them, all the time. If your doing the following things then your relationship is probably very healthy.

1. Toothbrush sharing is the norm.

Maybe one of your brushes is frayed around the edges, or one of you forgot to pack to properly. Either way, sharing is caring, no matter how bad their molars are.

2. You fart in front of each other with barely a whiff of an apology.

It can be a moment of off-the-scale panic, the first time you fart in front of your other half. Now it’s barely worth a raised eyebrow, unless it is badly timed and interrupts the very serious point you were making about the possible outcomes on Game of Thrones. Some even find it endearing, that’s when you know your love is unquestionable.

3. Unshaven and hairy is not so scary.

Expecting a woman to have plastic smooth legs 24 hours a day is plain unreasonable, and when both parties are satisfied that it’s not a prerequisite for romantic bliss then you’re at the right level of comfort.

4. Sweaty and smelly isn’t all that bad on occasions.

Let’s be straight here, we’re not saying that if you walk around stinking of sewers and your other half doesn’t seem to mind then your relationship is healthy. Far from it, what we’re saying is that nobody is perfect, and occasionally after a long day at work or a mad night out you may be a little stinky, and too lazy to jump in the shower right at that moment. If you’re partner can cope with that, then awesome.

5. Poop is an acceptable topic of conversation

A new dizzy height has been reached in any relationship when someone mentions his or her bowels. You are now officially comfortable enough to talk about anything with each other.

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