Young Boy Shot By Police Has Died


The young boy who was shot by police officers on Saturday afternoon when they mistook his toy gun for the real thing, has died in hospital.


Officers were called to the a recreational centre in Cleveland, Ohio, after receiving reports of a boy waving a gun and pointing it at people. Two shots were fired at the boy’s torso after he refused demands to raise his hands above his head, and officers saw him reach for his waistband.

“We’re not rushing to judgement,” said Timothy Kucharski, an attorney for the boy’s mother. “The police are investigating the matter and we are waiting for the result of that investigation.”

However, it has come out that the witness who made the initial 911 call to police told the dispatcher clearly that the boy’s gun may not have been real and that he was a juvenile, according to audio released by the Cleveland Police Department on Sunday.

“It’s probably fake,” the witness said. “But it’s scaring … people.”

The two officers involved in the shooting have been put on administrative leave, following standard protocol.

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