Xbox Controller That Sucks Out Blood Every Time You Lose


Gone are the days of just playing ordinary video games, because this new gaming idea has emerged. Squeamish? Then this definitely isn’t for you. 

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To raise the virtual game playing stakes, this controller literally sucks the blood out of your actual real life arm, every time you lose in the game.  This is the crazy concept behind ‘Blood Sport’, which is not a horror film but a crowd funded (on Kickstarter) project that modifies ordinary games controllers to drain you of the red stuff.

No, you have not over slept and woken up on April 1st, this is a thing. There are limits in place based on the persons weight, health and other factors to make sure not too much blood is taken, which is good news for all the awful gamers out there. The creators hope it will be used for blood donation schemes across the US/Canada, to motivate more people to donate to blood banks.

However, Kick Starter – the online fundraising platform –  have suspended the campaign, possibly due to it’s slightly gross and possibly dangerous nature, so it is on pause until further notice.

Though, Gaming shouldn’t be the only thing to motivate you to donate blood. In the UK only 4% of the population donate blood, so click here to find your local blood drive and donate in time for Christmas.

Source: BloodSport

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