What's Inside A Mexican Drug Lord's Home?


We know that mobsters and big-time drug dealers live in luxury, most of us know because Scorsese has showed us.

But the gangsters of Hollywood have nothing on these photos, taken inside a Mexican drug lord’s home after he was busted and his possessions were raided by authorities.

The home is a marvel of architecture, complete with a man-made cave, a collection of exotic pets, and stacks of hundred dollar bills constituting more money than us average Joes will likely see in our entire lives. It’s a fascinating snapshot into a world most of us will never have the chance to see — a good thing, too, or we might end up busted like this guy.

There was a matching pair of these found


.357 Magnum with semi automatics with solid gold strips


He had a better gun collection than most museums do


His quaint little villa in the hills


Man-made cave and hot tub


Pretty exotic pet choices


Including lions


And a rare tiger


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