University Student Caught Red Handed In Library



We all know that finances can be tight as a student, but one woman at Newcastle University, Australia, used the resources available to her to make money in a whole different kind of way. The student in question was caught broadcasting live sex shows to pay per view channels whilst in the campus library. You can’t accuse her of lacking in entrepreneurial flair, that’s for sure.

The student got caught in the act while she was filming a solo sex performance from the Auchmuty library, on the New South Wales coast. The performances would then be promoted via social media.


She is receiving counselling from her university, who said: ‘We have a code of conduct that clearly outlines the sorts of behaviours the university expects from its community on campus.

‘The matter has now been investigated and the student has been counselled. An important part of our duty of care is to protect our students’ privacy and it would be inappropriate for the university to provide specific details in relation to the incident.’

The part of the library that she used to film her videos has now been steam cleaned and the other students are probably turning the pages of their books very delicately.

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