13 Year Old Set To Make Millions From Lego Invention


Shubham Banerjee was shocked at the prices of braile printers, and took it upon himself to build one. The twist? He built it from lego.


For his school science fair project, young Shubham unleashed his talents on mechanics in an attempt to build a braile printer for the blind, and it was a knock out success. A typical Braile Printer cost’s around £1300 ($2000), but Shubham put his together for only £319 ($500), and this success didn’t go unnoticed. Tech giant Intel appreciated his efforts and concern for the cost of equipment for the disabled, and have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the teenagers brand new braile printer production company, Brailo Labs. Check out their facebook page here.



He’s truly dedicated to making Braille printers widely accessible, and furthering future developments in economical aids for the disabled. And he’s only thirteen. We can’t remember what we were doing when we were his age but it certainly wasn’t as impressive as this.

What was your biggest achievement when you were thirteen?

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