Teenager Forced Her Own Brother To Rape Someone



A teenager was jailed today after orchestrating a revenge rape by telling her brother to attack a 15-year-old schoolgirl because she was angry at her for ‘snitching.’

Aliyah Weekes, 19, will serve  four and a half years for threatening the anonymous girl with violence, saying: ‘Snitches get snitches’ because the girl had discussed an assault with the police.

She also forced the girl to perform a ‘line up’ – which is a term meaning to perform a sex act on numerous men. The schoolgirl was then bullied into an alleyway where Weekes’s 18-year-old brother Lacquan was waiting.

She was then made to perform a sex act on him, with another 16-year-old girl also vocally encouraging the rape from nearby. When she tried to defend herself, she was told: ‘If you don’t let me, it will be worse for you.’


‘He forced her down so her back was to the wall, he told her to stop crying and pushed her down to the crotch area.’ The attack only relented when two passersby walked past the alleyway and the boy quickly moved away.

The 16-year-old, who is also remaining anonymous, was given an 18-month rehabilitation order for aiding the attack.

Lacquan Weekes was jailed for six years. He has previous conviction for common assault, possession of a knife, and theft.

‘This was no childish folly. This was a wicked crime,’ Judge Jeremy Donne said as he passed the sentence. “This was a wicked crime and one that, Aliyah Weekes, you determined upon over the space of about an hour during which the victim was detained.”

He said he held Aliyah Weekes “principally responsible” for the attack, saying it would not have happened without her involvement.

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