Teacher Caught On Camera Dragging Student Into A Pool


A teacher based in California has been put on ‘Administrative leave’ after a video surfaced of him physically grabbing a Fourteen Year Old Female student and attempting to forcefully put her in the swimming pool.

Denny Peterson can be seen grabbing, touching and holding the student down, before calling for classmates to ‘tickle’ her. She had just had her hair done for an event, and so didn’t want to get it wet. “I told him [I wanted to stay out] because my hair looks cute,” she said. “He told me, ‘You always look cute,’ and that made me feel really uncomfortable.”

This then lead to the shocking scenes shown in the footage.

“Regardless of her participation (in the class) it should disgust you how this man put his hands on a 14-year-old girl,” Garcia’s lawyer, Gilbert Somera, told KFOR. “She said multiple times, ‘my top is falling down.'”

The teacher was put on administrative leave, before being placed in another school; this time with much younger children. A local news company contacted the new school and informed them of his misdemeanour charge, and he was soon back on paid administrative leave.

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