This Swimming Hole Has A Mysterious And Dangerous Secret


Jacob's Well

In Wimberley, Texas, there’s a swimming hole called Jacob’s Well, an everlasting spring that feeds Cypress Creek. Every minute, thousands of gallons of water surge to the surface.

It was first discovered in the 1850s, and for many generations, it was a gathering place for early settlers and Native American tribes.

Move forwards to today and it’s  prime spot for adventurers, adrenaline junkies and those just looking to cool down from the heat. But it’s not one giant playground, aside from the countless injuries sustained from ill-judged jumps into the water from the surrounding limestone cliffs, a few people have died here.

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At least nine people have lost their lives from either attempting risky stunts into the seemingly endless abyss or diving below the surface and exploring the well’s intricate cave system. It has been known for divers to enter an unexplored cave only to discover that they are unable to navigate due to the substantial amount of sediment buildup, losing their way. They become disoriented and cannot find their way back to the surface before their oxygen runs out.


On other tragic occasions, experienced divers have suffered the mind-altering effects of nitrogen narcosis, which occurs when divers breathe compressed air below depths of approximately 100 feet. Human skulls, bones and diving equipment have been recovered over the years.

Jacob’s Well remains a mysterious wonder that continues to baffle scientists, and is still believed to be sacred ground.

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